DICE KINGOM is the newest and most enjoyable way to play the traditional Yahtzee.

The game continues to be played with 5 dice, but each of the shared dice has been replaced by 2 dice, one dice inside the other, on a 3D graph.


In the basic skins, the INTERNAL data brings the conventional figures from 8 to K (the Ace was replaced by the 8).

Now in the rare and epic skins, the figures have been replaced by friendly animals, where the Lion is the most important "card"  and represents the King (K). Below the Lion we have the Elephant (Q), then the Eagle (J), followed by the Crab (10), the Cat (9) and the Hen (8).


Try touching the ACTION button at any time during a game... You’ll see the animations of all these animals, showing the theme of each rare or epic skin: Fantasy, Cartoon, Magic Forest, Champions, Pop and many others.


The EXTERNAL data is animated only in the 12 basic skins, where you can enjoy themes like Beaches, Perfume, Sweets, Nature, Luxury, Joy etc.

And for those who enjoy traditional games, we also have a basic version with the shared data. It's your choice.


Challenge yourself or test your luck against players from around the world, and you can compete in 2 different rankings: PURE, with 3 rolls of the dice, or TURBO, with up to 2 extra rolls.


Download for free and have fun with your friends. You can shop within the app.


Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. More languages ​​coming soon.

Download it now:

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